The climbing triangle is one of our favorite products that we started studying in 2020. Taking into account different variations and sizes that were already available on the world market, as well as collecting recommendations from parents on blogs and various online platforms, we chose the Peter Anglea model. The easy handling and solid construction convinced us. We bought the production license but still made some changes. In the original construction, the steps were glued, but in our model they are screwed. On the one hand, the production process has lengthened and the amount of material has increased, on the other hand, the product has become more stable, easier to fold and easier to assemble.

In addition, steps with a diameter of 25 mm are used in the original. We chose a diameter of 30mm for pine steps to increase stability. The diameter of steps made of beech wood is between 25 and 27 mm.

The dimensions of the triangle are:

Height: 85cm

Width: 98cm

Width of steps: 55 cm

The recommended age is 8 months to 6 years.

The board, which is also available, can be used as a slide and as a climbing wall to train sensory skills. We offer various designs such as ladder steps and climbing holds. The dimensions vary depending on the version with a length of 90 - 110 cm and a width of 35 - 40 cm.

The raw materials we use for all furniture are of the highest quality. During production, attention is paid to accuracy and quality in order to produce a high-quality product according to EU standards.

We use CARB II - class I certified laminated wood. For the protective coating we use high-quality and certified class EN 71 - 3 lacquer, which is approved for children's furniture and toys. The material used is reliable, absolutely safe for the child's health and creates an environmentally friendly environment. To ensure safety and quality, the surfaces of our products are sanded and brushed several times.

When manufacturing furniture, we adhere to general safety rules:

  • All edges and corners are rounded and chamfered
  • All inner and outer edges of the panels are rounded
  • The construction is solid and can withstand 50 kg
  • The screw heads are flush with the surfaces
  • The surfaces are smooth and perfectly finished to prevent the child from being injured by small splinters of wood
  • The steps are less than 10 cm apart, so the child's head will not fit between them

Our children's furniture can be easily and frequently folded and assembled without sacrificing its durability. This means you can easily move our furniture or take it with you on vacation. By assembling with the children, they can learn logical thinking and motor skills in a playful way. Hex head screws are used to assemble our furniture, so you can assemble the furniture yourself and easily with the involvement of your children. All products also come with a spare screw and require no electronic tools.

We attach particular importance to the environmentally friendly packaging of the product. We don't use plastic. Only recycled paper or reusable cloth bags are used.

We are glad that Georgians can already use our exceptional products, which are very popular all over the world. We are happy that we can make children's furniture of the highest quality even more accessible for Georgian children. The high reliability of the product is important to us, which is the result of the quality of the raw materials used, optimal processing and proper packaging. In addition to the product, we attach particular importance to collecting information about the various possible uses and advantages and sharing this with you.

After all, we must always remember: content is important, not form! Raising children humanely, respecting them from an early age, encouraging them on their way to independence and fulfillment and creating a safe and healthy environment is also possible without tools!

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