The "Pikler Triangle" is often referred to as the "Montessori Triangle".
The educational methods of Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori have a lot in common. Both saw the child as an independent person and wanted to create a free environment in which the little ones could explore the world and learn independently. Methods that are based on the cognitive, emotional and social development of children and young people and enable them to develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills at an early age. This closely connects the "Pikler Triangle" with the Montessori methodology.
It should be noted that unlike "Montessori", the "Pikler" trademark is protected (see source), which means that the use of the term "Pikler" in the name of the product is not permitted without agreement. Currently, only a few manufacturers have the right to use the Pikler brand in the furniture line (see list). All organizations that have received the right to use the trademark are distinguished by the quality of their products, the certificates of the raw materials used (including FSC certificate) and the social and environmental benefits of production.
Interestingly, in 2021, the American brand ''Rad Children's Furniture'', after receiving the right to use the Pickler brand, banned the illegal use of the name on major platforms like Amazon and Etsy. Therefore, this product is often marketed under the name ''Montessori triangle'', ''climbing triangle'' or other names.

All manufacturers using the Pikler brand have different models. It should be noted that the ban on the brand does not apply to the product itself. However, among the many different variants of the triangle, certain models are protected by intellectual property rights. Among such copyright models, another construction of the Latvian trademark Ette-tete stands out (for copyright registration see source). All models that look like the Ette-Tete model are derived from the model of this brand.
The protection of trademark and design rights is of fundamental importance to us. After studying and testing many models, we settled on Peter Anglea's model, from which we acquired a commercial production license and made a small modification. The model is distinguished by its practicality, it folds easily and has a solid construction.
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