The climbing triangle is the best product for the physical and mental development of small children, its regular use contributes to the development of flexibility and accuracy of movements.

Physical activity is important for the proper development of a child at any age. By the time a baby is one year old, they have mastered a range of complex movements and are learning to feel and control their bodies.

პიკლერის სამკუთხედი

One of the tools in this difficult task is the climbing triangle, the origin of which is linked to the name of the Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. The climbing triangle is a unique and ideal product for children who take new steps at the beginning of life and try to overcome difficult challenges. Pikler focused on the direct link between the child's physical and mental development. The "Pikler Triangle" that was created around 100 years ago is becoming more and more relevant. Its main function is to allow children to use their natural abilities to climb at their own pace.

When climbing the triangle, children evaluate their own abilities, dangers and difficulties. If these are overcome, self-confidence increases and independence grows. In addition, the child perceives its body better, has more control and strengthens its muscles. It is worth noting that children's mood is positively influenced when their need for movement is fully satisfied when they overcome challenges they face, hence they achieve high levels of self-confidence and self-satisfaction. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the child's self-esteem.

The various motor and cognitive abilities that are developed with the help of the climbing triangle secure the future of the child - the acquired skills are retained for life so that later challenges can be easily mastered. The most important thing is to realize that Pickler's Triangle grows with children, offering new play opportunities at every stage of their development.

It is important that parents are also involved when playing on the triangle, especially with children under 3 years old. Parents should support children's activities and ensure their safety.

In addition to the triangle, a board is available that can be used as a slide and a climbing wall. Many parents also use the board as a bridge to another suitable piece of furniture, such as the bed.

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