• "Gogora" is a company producing ecologically clean wooden toys and children's furniture, which plans to operate in western Georgia, in particular in mountainous Adjara.

    The enterprise created according to European standards through green technologies and solid fuel heating system will be the first energy efficient enterprise in Georgia, where wooden children eco-friendly products will be produced. 

    It is especially important for us to employ people living in the mountains, especially women, and various vulnerable groups. Our manufacturing process is based on shared values. The enterprise is adapted for the disabled, which creates a convenient environment for people with different abilities. We will also benefit from the principle of convenient home employment for those living in the mountains due to natural conditions.

    "Gogora" respects the intellectual property and trademark of others. The main design line of our product is based on Georgian ethnographic themes, both in terms of visuals and woodworking tradition. We believe that there is an inexhaustible theme and direction in the rich Georgian traditional culture, on the basis of which it is possible to make safe toys and children's furniture of modern design. We also work on modern models of traditional Georgian toys, which will popularize the masters of Georgian folk toys. We also prioritize internationally recognized products that are already well-tried, adapted to the physical and mental development of children, and for which we will offer local products to Georgian consumers. 

    We are also open to collaborative projects.We would like to thank each of our friendly individuals or organizations who have given us the opportunity to function and are by our side in this difficult and exciting endeavor.