Gogora Team

Nino Razmadze

I am Nino Razmadze, an ethnomusicologist researching traditional Georgian folklore and musical instruments. With a wife and four children, I am intimately familiar with the needs of both children and parents.

My journey began during the 2017-18 Erasmus+ project, led by Mara Rosenthal. This project took me on a cultural exploration of Latvia, Estonia, and North Macedonia, where I learned about each country's cultural heritage protection practices. However, my true inspiration stems from the richness and mysticism of Georgian folklore, including ethnography, fairy tales, myths, and traditional crafts, as well as the vibrant communities residing in rural areas.

Driven by my desire to integrate Georgian ethnographic elements into wooden toys and furniture, I found myself drawn to the mountains of Adjara. Having previously undertaken musical folklore projects in this region, I was captivated by the closeness to nature, freedom, and unique spirit of its inhabitants. The old Georgian authenticity and identity still thrive in these mountains, characterized by rich culture, music, rhythm, and hospitality. I believe that the joyful and creative nature of mountain children reflects the essence of this cultural heritage.

Navigating the complexities of the toy and children's furniture industry, especially during the pandemic, I engaged in remote training and mentoring programs to understand every facet of the process, from ideation to packaging. Through this experience, I gained a deeper appreciation for concepts like circular economy, secondary recycling, and social responsibility, all of which form the foundation of my business.

I envision creating internationally recognized products infused with Georgian ethnographic themes, ecological consciousness, and educational value. By crafting toys and furniture that embody these principles, I aim to support adults in providing nurturing environments for children, fostering calm and familial spaces.

Murman Turmanidze

I am Murman Turmanidze, residing in Gundauri village of Kedi municipality, along with my wife, two children, and parents. Agriculture is our family's primary occupation, and all members actively participate in it. Life in the village demands considerable effort, but it also offers numerous benefits. In contrast to city life, we enjoy access to natural products and prioritize a healthier lifestyle. The city, to us, signifies stress and chaos.

We take great pride in our village and its development, striving to contribute meaningfully. Therefore, we welcomed the establishment of the "Gogora" enterprise in our village with open arms. The employment opportunities it offers will not only benefit individuals but also contribute to the overall growth of the village. We firmly believe that this enterprise holds promise for everyone, particularly enhancing the livelihoods of village residents.

Our aspiration is for everyone involved to find contentment, including employees and the broader community. We are committed to maintaining a clean environment and ensuring that children, the ultimate recipients of our toys, experience joy and satisfaction.


Our partners and supporters are our greatest wealth. Over the years, we have established strong business relationships with various organizations dedicated to knowledge enhancement, acceleration, and enterprise development.

Since 2018, we have collaborated with numerous organizations on projects ranging from knowledge enhancement programs to enterprise construction and technical equipment. Some of our key partners include "EU for Georgia ENPARD," CENN, KEDA LEADER, IoD, CSRDG, ÖIR, the Municipality of Kedi (Autonomous Republic of Adjara), "Creative Georgia," "Social Enterprise Dadar," Startup Büro, UNDP, USAID, the "Rural Development Agency," "Produce in Georgia," SMEDA, STARTA, the Tbilisi City Hall Acceleration program "Spark," and the "Bank of Georgia," among others.

The support we receive from our friendly countries and donors is both an honor and a responsibility. It is this support that empowers us to create a socially responsible enterprise and products that meet high European standards. Our vision is to establish manufacturing facilities in both the capital city and the mountains of Ajara, producing high-quality wooden toys and children's furniture.

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