The Gogora company was founded in 2021. Gogora's goal is to produce Georgian folk wooden toys and Montessori children's furniture. Our value system is based on the principles of humanism, intellectual depth, sense of quality and environmental care.

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We believe that the home is the most important environment for learning... 

  • Safe & Eco-friendly

    #1 is safety
    This is not a choice or marketing, but a legal obligation. Gogora takes responsibility for the safety of the product we manufacture. Gogora keeps up to date with European standards and adheres to them.

  • Development

    The design of our toys and furniture is based on the principles of 'open-ended' play. Play where everything is multi-functional, developmental, without predetermined rules. The general design direction of our products is inspired and compatible with the humanistic methods of Montessori, Pickler and Waldorf education.

  • Georgian Production

    100% of our products are manufactured in Georgia, which is our strategic decision. We think that with determination, knowledge-based production, introduction of EU - standards and their constant improvement, we can create high quality wooden toys and furniture.